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We make it easy to keep your property Green. Here you’ll find a curated list of the best energy-saving products on the market. Down below, you’ll also find a list of what we installed at your property along with the quantity that we suggest keeping on hand for ongoing compliance.

Here is a list of products that we installed at Belcamp:

Niagara Conservation ºKitchen Aerator 1GPM 1gpmN3210B-PC-TU
Niagara Conservation ºNiagara Earth Showerhead 1.25GPM N2912CH
Niagara Conservation ºNiagara Bathroom Aerator .5GPM .5gpmN3205N-PC-TU
Simply Conserve ºA19 9W 5000KL09A1950KENCL
º4ft T8 14W 3000kB9LT1800SGA2K20
Simply Conserve ºPar30 11W 2700KLPAR30DW11W-27K
Simply Conserve ºCandelabra 5W 2700KL05CDL2700K
Ecosmart ºDecorative A19 7.5 2700kA8A19A60WESGD03
Simply Conserve ºA19 9W 2700KL09A1927KENCL
Simply Conserve º2 pin 9W 5000KL9PL50GX23-2H
Simply Conserve º2 pin 9W 4000KL9PL40GX23-2H
Maxlite º4 pin 8W 4000K8PLG24QLED40
Kflex º6ft secions Water heater supply Insulation 1in 6RXLO100068


No matter your properties’ internal process, we make it easy to order the products you need. 

  1. Add all the items you need to the cart
  2. Fill out your property and shipping details
  3. Select Payment Option
    • Credit/Debit
    • Pay by invoice with a PO #

Once we’ve received payment, we’ll fulfill your order and you’re all set. 

It’s that easy 

Order products for your property:

  • Niagara Bathroom Aerator .5 GPM (6pk)

  • Dual Thread Aerator 1.0 GPM 1gpm (6pk)

  • Candelabra 5W 2700K (1pk)

  • Placeholder

    6ft Water Heater Supply Insulation

  • GU24 9.5W GU24 2700K (1pk)

  • Niagara Showerhead 1.25 GPM 1.25 (6pk)

  • G25 6W 2700k (1pk)

  • A19 9W 2700K (50pk)



Need help picking the right LED product? If you don’t know what you need, here are a few important things to consider when picking a replacement:


“If it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t get lit” 

LED base types


Ensure that the bulb or fixture will fit in the desired location


Indoor? Moisture possible? In an Enclosure? Not all bulbs are created the same and it is important to check that bulbs are correctly rated for the locations they are in. Encasing a bulb that is not enclosure rated could lead to a short life or worse an overheating issue.


Use this guide to help determine the most appropriate color temperature for your use.

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